Memory Care

The Evergreen Program: Proactive memory care at Arbor Terrace at Crabapple Assisted Living

For Residents who need specialized care in coping with Alzheimer's and other memory disorders, The Evergreen Program provides memory care support 24 hours a day.

Evergreen accommodations are as beautiful as the rest of Arbor Terrace at Crabapple Assisted Living, with a higher level of staffing. The Evergreen Program has its own full-time Program Director to provide individualized programs for each Resident's unique needs.

Our staff understands the importance of individual preferences in daily life. They're specially trained Dementia Care Specialists to understand the progression of memory disorders. Above all, they're exceptionally caring, insightful people who bring compassion, companionship and mental stimulation to our Residents.

The Evergreen Program includes all regular amenities and services, plus:

  • Individual plan of care for each resident
  • Caring staff, trained as Dementia Care Specialists
  • Medication supervision provided by a licensed nurse
  • Structured guidance and activities program, integrating daily tasks of living and engaging residents at all levels
  • On-site Alzheimer's support group
  • Group or one-on-one counseling for family members
  • Custom-designed neighborhood with dining, living and activities areas
  • Secured and monitored entries and exits
  • Screened porch
  • Ongoing training for staff and caregivers


Our mission is to offer dining options that meet our residents’ nutritional needs while allowing them to maintain the independence and dignity they deserve. Dining with Dignity is a unique, award-winning program that uses specific preparation techniques to create food options that hold the same nutritional value as a regularly prepared meal, but in a form that allows residents to maintain independence and dignity. Here’s more information on our Dining with Dignity preparation technique, called Grind Dining:

  • Use of ground ingredients, allowing for easier chewing and swallowing
  • Prepared in bite-size offerings, eliminating the need to use utensils
  • Offered in an elegant plate and table presentation, setting the right environment to maintain an enjoyable experience

Through this unique preparation and presentation, here are the benefits we’ve seen for residents who enjoy the Dining with Dignity program:

PRESERVATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND DIGNITY. Residents who once needed assistance during meals due to their inability to use utensils are now able to use their hands in a dignified way to eat more independently.

INCREASED NUTRITIONAL VALUE. Using the Grind Dining preparation technique, the top sources of protein, such as meat, can be included in each meal in a way that is easy to handle and consume. No more mushy, unrecognizable foods!

BETTER CLINICAL OUTCOMES. There can be several reasons why a resident may need the Dining with Dignity program, including someone who is progressing further with dementia or someone who has another medical condition that makes eating difficult. Regardless of the reason, Dining with Dignity allows more nutritional consumption, decreased weight loss, and the presentation allows residents to eat in a more dignified manner, increasing socialization.

We believe that our Dining with Dignity program is one of the many aspects of our Engaged Living Program that sets us apart from the rest.